Funglobe: The Social Reference Network to have fun and meet new people

At Funglobe, we know that the need to communicate is vital. So we think that each one has his soul mate. We put in place the best tools to allow people to meet or have fun, so we have become The largest social network in the world, Register now And join a community of optimistic and dynamic people all over the planet.

Thanks to the proven expertise of our team combined with our many years of experience, we have been able to Learn a lot and face many challenges, such as the confidentiality of our Users and the security of such data

Funglobe in order to unite you, has recently launched a new version of its mobile app, which only verified users of Funglobe have access. As the programmers point out, this app has been around since 2017, but this derivative is brand new. Yes it looks like a "privileged" dating app, it also helps users to know that the person that they have in front of them is what she says she is. No more fake profiles, scams, or hidden ads.

Thanks to Funglobe's mobile certification service, the app connects you to other famous users - a reality however, only 25% of certified profiles would really belong to media personalities. A percentage which has probably decreased since its calculation in 2017, because the social network has now democratized the certification process.