Member Security Guide

Funglobe puts a special emphasis on the safety of its users. Every day, we check profiles, photos and language used on the site. We do Everything we can to protect your safety and privacy. But, remember, online security also comes under your responsibility. So be careful And think long before acting. Take care of your safety!

I. Abuse Reporting

The Funglobe team would like to thank you for informing us of any breaches of the law that you should face. Do not hesitate to report immediately any harassment, aggression Sexual, false profiles, etc. ! Blocks the culprits so they can not contact you and contact us so that we can block his access to the site Funglobe. All serious cases of abuse shall be transferred to the competent authorities.

II. Online Users Security

We offer you these tips to help you protect yourself from ill-intentioned people who would like to abuse you.

A. Account Protection

Choose a password a bit difficult to divine and do not disclose it to anyone. We recommend that you change your password regularly. Never forward e-mails from The part of Funglobe to anyone, because the links available in these emails give direct access to your account.

B. Trust your gut instinct.

Your instinct is a powerful tool that helps you decide when to move forward with someone and when to turn back and run away. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

C. Don't give your personal details too soon

Ne donne pas d'informations personnelles tout de suite, comme ton adresse ou ton lieu de travail. Utilise un téléphone portable, un service de téléphonie anonyme ou Skype si tu veux appeler, mais ne donne pas le numéro fixe de ta maison.

D. Always be nice!

Just because someone is not your cup of tea, it doesn't give you the right to be horrible to them.

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III. Meeting Betwin Users Outside The Platform

We help you to meet people but we also encourage you to protect your well-being. Before making the decision to meet with a Your contacts, take care to follow these tips to help you live better and enjoy this first meeting.

A. Place your first appointment.

If you meet, do so in a public place where other people can see you. Tell someone where you are going and with whom. Arrange your own transportation and make sure you use it; getting into the car of a person you don't know is not a good idea.

B. Be on your guard when meeting an online friend offline.

If you sense something is not right, leave. Do not fully rely on photos. We moderate them to our best ability but it could still be an old photo or a photo of someone else.

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IV. Users Health Security

At Funglobe we care very much about our community’s well-being. We’ve listed a few important sexual health tips that should be considered when forming a new relationship.

A. Be open and honest.

Communication is important and talking openly about sex and the potential consequences shows that you respect yourself and your partner. It is only fair to discuss using protection, getting tested for STDs and so on. Many STDs are treatable or curable. To avoid the risk of getting infected or reinfected, it is important to be completely honest with your partner.

B. Protect yourself.

Use protection to lower the risk of passing on or contracting an STD. Condoms should be used consistently in order to be as effective as possible

C.Stay informed.

Inform yourself about the various STDs, the symptoms and how they can be transmitted

D. vigilance

Some STDs don’t immediately show symptoms. Regular testing is advised. There are many testing options. Talk to your doctor about it.